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Virtual Credit Card

faq virtual credit cards

FAQ Virtual Credit CardVirtual Credit Card


Virtual Credit Card is a means of payment that works like a real credit card. It can be used at websites, online merchants, internet shops & web stores where payment by credit card is accepted.

It is very simple to apply, click on Order Card option from the menu. You can pay by several payment methods such as Bank Wire/ SWIFT/Telegraphic Transfer, Moneybookers, PayPal, Western Union and MoneyGram to order Now Click Here.

No, since it is a virtual card, it cannot be sent physically. It is sent virtually to the email address of the client.

You will receive following in your email to constitute a virtual credit card . . . . . 16 digit virtual credit card number 3 digits of CVC / CVC2 number - three digit security number, this is also called verification code. It is normally found on the back of a credit card Expiry date of the card Name on card (this name is provided by the client to personalize virtual card) Billing address of the card (this address is also provided by the client to personalize virtual card)

Card is sent to client's email address within two to five working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and UK National Holidays) after payment is received and verified. Point to note, 99% orders are completed even faster than above timeframe. Utmost effort is made to complete the order as per above timeframe, however it should be noted we do not guarantee or held responsible for damages or losses if any delay occurred in a situation beyond our control such as banking slowlessness, act of God or force majeure.

It has an expiry of within12 to 24 months

Yes, You can load it every time needed in case you order for a re-loadable card.

There is no monthly fee on MeCards Virtual credit card, but there is a %0.5 fee per transaction.

Cards are available for $70

For the convenience of calculation and international ecommerce usage US Dollar is the dominant currency of the card. However, it does not mean that card will not work at sites where merchants are charging in Euros, Pound Sterling or other world currencies. It can be used to pay in any currency, however the card issuer will automatically make the exchange and pay the equivalent amount to the merchant and deduct the amount from your card. For example, you want to purchase a product from a website but they have prices in Euro, cost of the product is 10 Euros. Once you make a purchase an equivalent of 10 Euro in US dollar will be deducted from you card (you should have enough balance in your card).

Yes it will work. And if there are any specific codes you can also get them in your card statement such as 4 digit expanded use number or certain amount charged to your card for verification purposes. You can also pay eBay seller fees with this card.

Yes, of course you can use the card at all the above websites. Additionally, the virtual card will work with almost all online merchants who accept payments via credit cards.

Billing address of the card will be any address provided by the client.

It is an offshore bank.

Anyone from any country or citizenship from around the world can apply. For verification purposes we need a clear image of your passport/Government issued ID which can be scanned and sent to us by email.

To aviod losing your card balance, you are highly recommended to apply for a card renewal, because any funds will expire when a card expires.

There is no restriction on the number of cards that can be ordered.

Yes, it will work at most of porn & gambling websites.

21. Does cardholder receive detailed statement of MeCards Virtual credit card transactions? And is there any fee charged on this service?

Yes, cardholders are provided itemized statement of card transactions via email. And there is no fee at all to provide balance statement. This service is free of charge and can be requested any time.

22. Although MeCards virtual card works great at many online shops, websites and merchants, it didn't work at one or two sites/online merchants, why?

No credit card in the world can claim to work at 100% websites or merchants. The reason is simple. Sometimes a card that is active and has enough funds is denied, because of that merchant's rules or policies. If this is the case then it is out of our control and we cannot force a merchant to accept the payment. Every card holder should understand this fact. However if a certain merchant doesn't accept your virtual card payment, you can find the same product from another merchant.

If the reseller refunds the payment, there will be no problem.

No, it is not possible as there is no physical existence of this card. Being virtual it can only be used at online merchants, shops and websites or those merchants who accept orders via fax or telephone.

Yes and it is very important for every client to agree and accept, terms of service (TOS) / cardholder agreement at the time of card ordering. Any client who sends a payment to order MeCards Virtual Card is considered to have accepted TOS / cardholder agreement. If a client does not agree with all or any clause(s) of TOS / cardholder agreement, he/she should avoid using MeCards virtual card.

Yes, you can find more details at our reseller program section.

No, since it is not issued by a US Based bank, you can not withdraw money from your Paypal account to this card. However, you can add this card to your Paypal account and use it for purchases through Paypal system.

No, it is not a US based account.

You can always send us any queries via the form on the " Contact Us " page.

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