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MasterCard Virtual Card


Millions of people in the world even today are unable to obtain a credit card for one or other reasons. The truth is That 90% of websites and companies over the internet would only accept credit card payments. Several online services & subscriptions require credit cards and even used for verifications to create online accounts at several websites . Virtual cards are designed for use on the Internet.

The Virtual Card doesn't exist in the physical form (e.g. plastic), it is only set of the information that merchant requires for the authorization. For additional safety of the transactions, the account of the virtual card is separated from the main account. The transaction limit and maximum available balance are also adjustable. Having all the attributes of the major credit cards (e.g. VISA Classic or MasterCard Mass) like card number, CVV number, expiry number, you cannot spend more than you have on the card. Virtual cards are accepted in all online shops where a credit card is required.  

 You have several payment options to reload your Virtual Credit Cards such as Bank Wire Transfer , Western Union , Liberty Reserve , etc.


  • The most reliable card for all your online payments (EBAY, AMAZOON, CLICK BANK, …..)   
  • There are NO monthly maintenance fee , Low transaction fees, Very cheap and ideal
  • Available for all who are dealing with online business all over the world
  • You can obtain a Virtual Visa Card and bank account in 7-10 working days once for ever
  • Online banking is available to view your Real time statement 24/7


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